Belize IBC FAQ's

Belize Foundation FAQ's

  • 1. Are there any offshore foundation annual fees in Belize? If so, what are they for?

    Yes, there are annual maintenance fees which are due by the 31st July the year following the date of registration. The fees are: government fees; registered office fee; registered agent's fee. These are a requirement of the jurisdiction. There are other optional services which we provide. You only pay for these if you require the service. In Belize our fees are highly competitive. For annual maintenance fees, go to our Packages & Prices page.

  • 2. When I order my Belize foundation, do I get an offshore bank account?

    This is an option we offer. We can introduce you to one of the reliable banks we work with in the Caribbean or in Europe. If you indicate in your application form that you require a bank account, we will assist you in getting a bank which offers online banking and a debit card. We are also an official agent for most of the banks which we introduce you to.

  • 3. Do I have to file any annual reports, such as Minutes of Meetings or accounts with the Government?

    No. The Belize foundation is required to keep internal books for its personal purposes only and there is no statutory requirement for meetings or account filing with local authorities.

  • 4. What can you tell me about Belize? Is it a stable jurisdiction for an offshore company?

    Belize gained its independence in 1981 from Britain. Its laws are based on British Common Law and the Queen of England is still the Head of State. Belize, formerly British Honduras, enjoys a stable democracy. Offshore legislation was introduced in 1990, and since then Belize has grown as a reputable offshore jurisdiction.

  • 5. How long does it take to register a Belize offshore foundation?

    Once you have completed the formation form and paid the fees, we will ship your foundations documents to you within one work week by express courier such as FedEx or DHL. You must allow the required time for the package to get to you and this time will depend on your location. We will provide you with a tracking number by which you can keep a trace on the package.

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